Winter Wellness 2019

Musher's Secret

Mushers's Secret is an invisible boot which protects your dog's paws from deicing chemicals, rock salt, ice, snow and cold.

It is also recommended to wipe off your dog's paws and belly when they return in from the cold.

Avoid thin Ice!

You may think it would be fun to see your dog sliding around on an icy pond, however each year we hear of dog's rescued from freezing waters. It also puts firemen and women in danger as the rescuers.


Dogs can get frostbite on ear and tail tips. If it's excessively cold stay in. Food puzzles and enrichment games can help burn off some energy until the cold weather passes.

Fall/Summer 2018 Dog Tips!

Hot Cars!

One of the most common rescues we hear about in warmer weather are dogs rescued from hot vehicles. Boston enacted a law on June 23, 2016, to protect the health and safety of animals in vehicles during extreme weather. Below is the Bill in PDF format. The temperature inside a vehicle can rise to dangerous levels within minutes.



Ticks are not only our best friends' enemy but ours as well. The Tick Guy has all the information for encountering, identifying, protection and much more including links to recommended products!

Frosty Paws!

When the sun is toasty, hot surfaces like asphalt, metal grates and stone can burn your dog's paws. Be sure your dog has access to shade, water and cool surfaces to lie on. 

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