Creative Outlet

My love and respect for animals and nature was deeply instilled in me from a very young age. I grew up in Cambridge, MA, in a large family and we were fortunate enough to spend summers on Cape Cod. For the three months we lived there we were outdoors playing, swimming in Buzzards Bay, water skiing, digging clams, playing kick the bucket and during the evenings playing flashlight tag or sitting around a fire. If it was raining really hard we played cards or watched tv. My love of nature and animals continues to grow. I was fortunate to live on Cape for a year in 2015/2016 some of the sunsets were from that time, taken mostly in Falmouth, MA. 

All photos were shot and edited on IOS devices by Janet Vera and are not to be reproduced, in any form, without permission in writing. 

My Favorite Subjects!

My old pal Roscoe! 

Capturing Shades and Light

Chapaquoit Island, Falmouth MA.