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Client Gratitude

"Janet is so brilliant and truly delightful to work with. She took the time to get to learn our dog and learn the situations we needed help with. Not only does Janet know so much about all different types of dogs and their behaviors but she is easy to work with. She is friendly, flexible and hands-on. We love that Janet teaches us how to become the trainers so we can develop positive experiences with our dog. The techniques we learned from Janet have all been so successful and have made such a difference in our and our dogs lives. We would recommend Janet to anyone!" 

-Quinn, Justin and Ted

About Us


  • Janet helps you make simple tweaks with respect to your dog to enhance trust, consistency and communication.

  • Janet is the only trainer you will work with from beginning to completion of training. She has been working with dogs for 10 years, including all aspects of work with shelter dogs, canine rescue and fostering, which you will benefit from directly. 

  • Your experience will be tailored to meet you and your pup's unique needs.

  • We synthesize the mountains of information regarding positive, reward based training to bite sized pieces so you will learn easily and your pup will be successful.

Decision fatigue?

I recently read we can make up to 100 decisions by noon time! Keep it simple by  calling or dropping us a line for a free consult to see if we can help you.

Pro Tip: Reactivity is progressive. It doesn't go away on it's own.

Pro Tip: Behavior is fluid.

Pro Tip: Moderate expectations. If you have a dog with an uncertain history, starting without expectations would be beneficial to both you and your dog. You can only go up from there:).

"Expectations are premeditated resentments." -Unknown

What clients are saying...

”Janet clearly loves what she does.  After our first session, we noticed a significant change in our puppy’s behavior, and in ours!  On our second visit, Janet was met by Joey at the door with an enthusiasm that we’ve never seen before – wag doesn’t even begin to describe it!  Janet has taught us how to think about things differently, and Joey’s response has been phenomenally quick. And, he behaves well in situations where he hasn’t yet been trained. Thank you to Janet from your three friends in Waltham.”

Juli, David, & Joey, June 2018

"Serious transformation of pup and pup owner."

"Janet is a very skilled dog trainer; she has a superb gift for explaining and defining tasks in an elementary way..."

"In just a few training sessions, Janet was able to get our extremely high energy and distractible puppy to walk calmly on leash and even maintain the discipline to leave a treat on her paw until she was told to "take it".

"Janet will teach you how to work with your dog, which requires learning, practice and an open mind on the handler's part. The results are not only phenomenal, but reliable. Private dog training is expensive, but I've realized that Janet's private training helps you become a better dog owner for life."


Welcome to Janet Vera Professional Dog Training. Choosing to train is the single most important ingredient to help your dog become more confident and social. During lessons you will learn how to train new behaviors which will help your furry family member become a good canine citizen, which will have lifelong benefits. 

I offer private, in-home dog training lessons and behavior consultations for a variety of training needs and undesirable behaviors. All lessons are personalized in the comfort of your own home. Individual programs are designed to suit your dog or puppy's needs. One certainty in dog training is that each dog has a unique personality, breed(s) characteristics and history, which I take into consideration when training. 

Pro Tip: The most generous thing you can do for your dog is to set them up to be successful. You can begin by dog-proofing. If you don't want your dog to have it, put it away.


“Over the years, I have completed dog training classes but I never really "got it" before. I left those trainings feeling a bit overwhelmed. But, now after working with Janet, everything has "clicked" for me. I "get it" !! Janet is a very skilled dog trainer; she has a superb gift for explaining and defining tasks in an elementary way. I feel truly comfortable asking her questions when I need more clarification. She is a patient teacher. My dog and I feel very safe with her. Janet brings amazing enthusiasm and energy to her sessions. She is very gentle and loving with animals as well as with humans.I will always seek out Janet's expertise, and will look forward to her future "magical" training sessions with my current dog, as well as with my future dogs !“

-Wendy Mandel July 2017

“When my husband would take our little dog, Peanut, for a walk she always went crazy barking when she saw other dogs. This drove my husband CRAZY. We decided to hire Janet from For The Love of Dogs to see if she could help. She came with both of us while we walked Peanut and gave us the tools to train Peanut not to do this anymore. It all worked! We now take Peanut for a walk and she doesn't bark when she sees other dogs anymore! It was like a miracle cure. She also gave us other tips to use in the house to keep her engaged in activities at home. Janet is beyond awesome! Thanks for our improved Peanut!”


-Amy Bellingheri August 2016

“Amazing. Just amazing. Serious transformation of pup and pup owners immediately. Our rescue, Eilonwy, of course wants Janet to visit everyday. Session one Janet had her leaping on command onto boulders. This in the 'chipmunk' garden that has previously caused Eilonwy to go ballistic chasing varmints and dragging us behind her. We were making Eilonwy crazy and Janet helped us help our pup with humor and respect. We are all smitten by her creativity, her energy and her 'my darling' trademark pup greeting. Hire her if you can.“

-Susan  Zellmann-Rohrer October 2017

How We Work

What Is Positive Reinforcement?

 Reward based or evidence based training is reinforcing your dog with something she/he finds reinforcing such as; praise, access, treats, toys, walks, etc,. Behavior that is rewarded is likely to be repeated and get stronger. In my humble opinion, evidence based training which has been studied extensively through Behavioral Science, clearly shows animals learn better while being encouraged and rewarded for appropriate behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is it like working with you?

I am compassionate by nature and have loved animals since I've known what they are. I take a gentle, non-judgmental approach focusing on what could be potentially causing or contributing to the dog's behavior and work from there. I look at the behavior as important information as I collect other data about the animal, including environmental factors and history. 



What training methods do you use? 

In my humble opinion, evidence based training which has been studied extensively through Behavioral Science, clearly shows animals learn better while being encouraged and rewarded for appropriate behavior. It then has added benefit of strengthening your connection with your animal.

How does my dog know when she's done something undesirable? 

We ignore undesirable behavior and teach an alternate behavior. If your dog jumps, you ignore that behavior by turning away. Once all four paws are on the ground you can ask for a sit and reinforce that with a reward. Sit equals paycheck. 

Murphy is dog of the month!


Murphy is a sweet mutt mix from Texas. He was adopted by his new family in February of this year. After a couple of weeks in his new home his family started noticing concerning behavior, including growling, in certain situations and called for a consultation.

My first impression of Murphy was that he was experiencing pain because of his tempered movement but he also appeared conflicted about interacting with me and the family. I recommended the family see a veterinarian with Murphy right away. The exam, including X-rays, showed advanced hip dysplasia and upwards of 20 BB's or buckshot pellets in his front legs. It was heartbreaking news for all that Murphy had been experiencing so much physical pain and had suffered horrific abuse. 

Post Adoption Tips

Even though this case may be an exception, caution is warranted with any newly adopted dog. 


As a dog trainer who has experience in shelters, rescue and fostering we don’t know a lot about most dogs that come through unless they were surrendered, but even that doesn’t guarantee full disclosure. Temperaments can change as is the case with Murphy who only showed subtle signs of pain but was uncomfortable with being approached for patting.  

Signs your dog may be in pain:

-Excessive panting



-licking/biting at one spot

-sensitive to touch

-sudden behavior changes


-snapping if approached for patting


Murphy's Progress

Murphy's family worked diligently and lovingly to ensure his comfort and get him the proper medication he needs for pain management. Murphy gets to chose from an array of therapeutic dog beds, lots of mental enrichment games and so much love. Murphy may have surgery in his future but for now he's acclimating to his new home and wonderful new life. 

A Note About Testimonials:

Pavlov and Skinner

The words magical, miracle and Mary Poppins are referred to in some of my generous client 'testimonials'. It's lovely that those words are used to describe my work but the truth is IT'S ALL SCIENCE combined with my well developed, magical auntie muscles and love for animals. 

My Logo

My logo was designed by the talented, generous and all around amazing human being, Lili Chin. The dog was designed in the likeness of my dog Emma. I asked that Emma be standing on learning blocks to convey a foundational approach to my work with dogs. The lettered alphabet blocks (A,B,C), in addition to being classic children's building blocks, also serves as a science based acronym; Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence. 

Thank You

I appreciate visits to my website. Take your time and browse around! All content is deliberate and intended to help you understand and relate to your dog with more ease and efficacy. Please write, call or email with any questions, concerns or ideas for topics you'd like to see more of.  

All my best, Janet